Why God wants you to live Physically Fit

bodyweight burn systemIt is the Joy of the Lord seeing people flourish and living healthy, this is why you need to understand the fact that for God to have created us in his own very Image He meant good for man. This alone should be part of reasons to do everything in your capability to remain physically fit throughout lifetime.  According to a bodyweight burn system living a physically fit life has a lot to do with understanding some principles. And here is a true we should never question, that is there is nothing happening here on planet earth to man that God does not know about.

According to the bible there are several reasons God want us to live and stay healthy all the time. It is with great pleasure I’m informing your on today’s study that God Love Man therefore Man should always do the right things to stay healthy and fit. Now, let’s take a quick looks at reason God wants us physically fit;

It Glorifies the Name of God

According to the book of 1 Corinthians Chapter Number 10 verses 31 – it was stated there that whatever a man does is to God’s Glory. Also a verse is the book of Isaiah revealed that man was created to glorify the name of God. This ‘Glorifying God’ we should know is our primary purpose of existence. This however can only be achieved when we deem it fit to care for our body.

The Body of Man is the Temple of the Most High God

This is one very reason we need to stay fit, for the body of a man is the temple of God. This can be found in the book is 1 Corinthians 6 verses 19-20. The Holy Spirit of God lives inside of a Believer. After giving one’s life to God it God that gives the spirit that makes man being to flourishing life, this however would be so evident if only the body isbodyweight burn system properly cared for. A house is a dwelling place for man in time past has always been cared for because it is a man’s dwelling place. Thus, the body of man being the temple of God also needs care. If you have not given your life to become a Believer, to do so read about here.

Being physically fit signifies good witness

The book of act 1:8 reminds us of the fact that believers are to be witnessed by others. We as believers are highland to most people put there therefore it is our obligation for God to always stay fit and healthy. By doing this it gets people’s attraction to God.

Increased energy to do the work of God

A sick cannot do the work of God, likewise a fat human won’t have all the strength needed to do the work effectively. This is simply because such person might just get tired on the way. This is the more reason man needs to be fit both physically and spiritually to do God’s work to maximum.

There is several more reason we need to stay physically and spiritually fit for God. More of it will come in our next lessons.